domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

                                                SIERRA NEVADA.
I ent to Sierra Nevada last monday. We went by bus. We arrive in Granada at ten o'clock an intructor gave us a bag with sun glasses. Went into the cable car.
We put on ski equipmen. anintructor began to teach us to ski at the beginning I fell down  a lot but It was very funny. We had lunch at two o'clock after luch We had time to ski again.We returned to Malaga at four o'clock. I had a great time.
                                                               MY CHILHOOD
- I am going to explain, how I was when I was a child.
-I am intervined aroud three people.
- I had got blue eyes, and I had Brown hair and curly short.
I had a ching face and I was short. I had got small mouth and I had got big nose. I was face skin. I was wearing dress because a lovited the dresses, Also I liked wearing mother's clother.

I was very loving and I was very hppy. I was very sweet and quiet. I was likeable.

When I was born I was ill, so I was in child room. One day my modher listed how I was cring because I had got glases in my nose and mouth.

When I was 4 years old I can't pronunceaten the letter "r" so, when I went in a car with my mother. She said " what color is this car?.
And I said " dojo" when I was angry I said "nergo".
                                                               MY MINDSET
My mindset is grow mindset. I esplain my work.
I learn easy with music. Because I sing very good.
I´don't like the math because I am not good the number.Spatial intelligense is very difficul for me. Because I can not drauw well. I don't like linguistic but I like learn new languages.
In my opinion if you want you can do a lot of thing.